Rule # 51 - Who is your priority?

Try to make sure that in trying to be a good DIL, cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, hosting their guests, etc. That you don't lose sight of your own priorities.

Once I helped a lady make a list of all the things that she does as a person. Her 'housekeeper' list was as long as her 'daughter in law duties', her 'mother' list was fairly small, and her 'wife' list contained two things: make breakfast and iron clothes.

This is no laughing matter. as I'm sure a lot of us have been in this situation, and may sadly still BE in this situation. Remember that your husband and kids come first. If you mess up on those two categories you are going to have a terrible marriage which in turn will affect the future of your children. If you are doing too much as a housekeeper and DIL that you are compromising your own self and nuclear family - its time to re-evaluate your purpose in life.

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