The 5 Types of Daughter in Law

According to mother in-laws, there are at least 5 different types of DILs.

  1. The Angelic Community DIL She is a DIL of a well known family who is perfect in every way; she cooks and cleans and irons for her in-laws - she even bakes cakes. When you go over she serves you and makes her MIL proud. Be warned that your MIL will refer to her regularly and use her as a shining example, overlooking that you probably do much more than her, anyway.

  2. The Rebellious Community DIL She doesn't cook or clean and has her husband wrapped around her finger. Her husband will abandon his own family to meet her whims and desires. Your MIL feels terrible sympathy for this DIL's in-laws yet she will never mention her to you, for the fear of you taking her as an example or that you will start following her cunning ways.

  3. The Victim Community DIL She is a downtrodden DIL who works as a slave in her in-laws home. They make her cook and clean and she has become ill as a result, poor thing. Your MIL will sigh and have pity on her, while you will grit your teeth as your MIL treats you exactly the same way! The reason your MIL refers to this DIL is because she wishes for you to acknowledge what a good MIL she is to you. Try your best to stay quiet, and if possible, try to say something along the lines of, "Thank God my mother in-law is not so controlling!" - if you can, kudos to you!

  4. The Daughter in Law who Moved Out and Took Her Son Away. Uncannily enough, this DIL gets a lot of respect, which probably comes from fear! Your MIL will always praise her (when the DIL is not there, of course) and she can never do wrong. She is manging her kids well, and doing a good job running her household. Your MIL wont talk about her to you a lot as she does fear that you will copy her and move out.

  5. The Daughter in Law Who Lives with Her In Laws - YOU. Last and least, there is you. You are an incompetent housekeeper who doesn't keep the house clean enough and spends far too long on the telephone or out visiting your friends. Your priorities are anything but your husband and you are accused of neglecting him and your children in the pursuit of your own interests. You will never compare to her own skills as a house maker or cook. She will mention your shortcomings a lot. However, at the bottom of her heart she knows that she has gotten a good deal out of you and secretly is extremely grateful that you are not like examples 2 or 4.

So what can you do about this unfair mentality? Nothing! It's best to carry on with your life happily and be yourself. Pursue your desires, reach for the stars and live your life in the best way you can. You're living with your in-laws for some noble reason or the other so remind yourself regularly of why you are doing all this.

If living the dream sounds too far-fetched for you, try to make some changes in your life. Perhaps you are doing a bit too much in the house, and its time to stop. Women are prone for wanting to strive on - even when their energy is depleted. However this will not be attractive to your dh so not only will you overexert yourself for your in-laws, you will be missing out on a great relationship aswell.

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