Exercise 4 - Make a list of all that you do

Make a list of all the areas of your life, including:
  1. Spiritual Devotions
  2. Personal Time - Rest and Relaxation
  3. Wife
  4. Mother
  5. Homemaker
  6. Extended family
  7. Giving to the community

Spend at least 5 minutes on each area, and think of all the things you do for each area of your life. For example:

  1. Spiritual Devotions - prayer, meditation, going to spiritual gatherings
  2. Personal Time - regular naps, visiting friends, going to the park
  3. Wife - adornment, spending quality time, having a pleasant demeanor
  4. Mother - teaching, instilling values, playing
  5. Homemaker - cleaning, cooking, groceries, laundry, ironing
  6. Extended family - in-laws, phoning and meeting your own parents, siblings
  7. Giving to the community - helping other women, helping the school

Doing this exercise gives women an insight into how much energy and time they are dedicating to particular areas of your life. This is also helpful in indicating which areas of your life you are neglecting.

If you focus on just one or two areas of your life then not only will the other areas suffer, but also the areas which you are concentrating on. When we concentrate on specific areas then we start to burn out in this region.

Some examples of over-targeting specific areas of your life:

  • If we focus too much on our housework, then we tend to become perfectionists and will not quit until total perfection is achieved - and in a house with a minimum of four adults and however many kids you have, this standard is almost impossible to maintain.

  • If you focus on pleasing your in-laws, they will, sadly, take you for granted and demand more and more from you - which will again cause you to burn out - you will then blame your in-laws for the resentment you feel, and adopt the attitude of 'I have dedicated all my energy to them, why am I not getting anything back?'

However, if you choose to lead a balanced life and give each area of your life equal time, you will result in having a rich and rewarding life, where you will see the fruits of your labour in every aspect of your character.

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