Rule #50 - They will withhold 99% of praise

Accept the fact that your in-laws will withhold 99% of all praise and complements in your direction because they believe that if they compliment you, this will give you a big head and affect your performance as a DIL.

Instead of trying to achieve your sense of accomplishment from how much they praise and approve of you, try to focus on yourself and give yourself credit for what you do. Until you are truly happy inside, you will continue to look at them for approval - it's not your fault, you are trying your hardest to accommodate them and would like acknowledgement for that. However, if you dont get it, dont let that diminish your self worth.

I strongly recommend women to make a list of all the things that they do. Make a list of all the jobs you do as a mother, as a housekeeper, as a DIL, as your own person (hobbies, interests, me-time), as a wife, as a Muslim/Christian/Jew/Other Faith; Then feel gratitude for your own self (and for God, who blessed you with these bounties) for being such an accomplishment!

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