Rule #37 - Understand That Your MIL Has Traits Common In ALL Elderly People

If you are destined to live with your in-laws in their old age, you may find it beneficial to study a social work course on learning about older people. Even though it is convenient to think that your MIL is mistreating you just because she is out to get you, you may notice that your own parents are behaving in the same manner!

These characteristics are common in all elderly people - not just your mother in law, and if you equip yourself with the tools to understand and deal with the elderly you will find it easier to live peacefully.

A course recommended to me by an an experienced Living With In Laws DIL is:

Caring for Older People Course
A Distance Learning Course of 7 Lessons

Course Description
The care of older people is a complex and skilled branch of health care. To be effective, carers need to be knowledgeable, flexible and positive in their interventions. This course's objectives are based on the idea that care of older people needs to be holistic. This means that in order to be effective a carer must consider the client from biological, psychological and sociological viewpoints.

It is essential to underpin this holistic assessment with an insight into the relationships between the client's individual needs and the attitudes and resources that currently exist in the UK. In each session you will find activities which help you to explore both the situation experienced by the older person and your own beliefs and value systems.

Course Syllabus
The impact of demographic trends in caring for older people
The Social Context of Care for Older People
Provision of Care Within a Mixed Economy
Helping older people achieve independence
The Physiology of Ageing
Promoting Health in Older People
Holistic Care for Older People

For a more detailed syllabus on this course, click here

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