Rule #38 - Offensive Mess - Feminine Care Products

Back on the topic of Offensive Mess.

Sally Shields' Rule #43 has a profound amount of wisdom in it - wrap up your sanitary products before throwing them in the bin.

Think about it - MIL is having a shower, feels all fresh and lovely and opens the bathroom bin to throw away an empty bottle of shampoo - and she is greeted with a sight that makes her cringe - especially if she is of the OCD kind! No wonder she is always snapping at you!

Get into the habit of buying some fragranced nappy sacks whenever you top-up your feminine supplies and wrap up your stuff before throwing it away. And don't forget to empty the bathroom bin into the main rubbish bin as soon as you have cleared up.

I know, I know you probably thinking its unfair to have to do this in your own house... but when your not living in the idealest of circumstances, sometimes you have to do a whole lot of extra things that are not ideal. Would you like to see your MILs mess in the bin after a pampering bubble bath? Don't forget this is also good practice if you have sons who are maturing. This rule also applies to babies' nappies aswell.

Time to take a deep breath, give yourself a treat, and renew your intention!

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