Rule #36 - Watch out for the 'Innocent' Trick

Parents have a sneaky way of torturing their grown-up children.

They will not do it by ranting and raving (well they do that one aswell, but that one isn't sneaky), they will do it by giving you an innocent 'look' and be deeply wounded by what you are saying. They will open their eyes wide, and say breathlessly, "Why are you so upset, I never said such a thing!"

Well - when you are fighting this sweet battle - keep your cool! When the guilt kicks in - "How could I have upset my sweet little mother?" (/ in-law), remember it is a crafty TRICK and she really is trying to brush her latest antics under the rug.

You are trying to make a point here by standing your ground, so treat yourself kindly for having stood up for your rights. If she really was that sweet and innocent, you wouldn't be a grown-up encountering problems from your MIL, would you?

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