Rule #29 - Don't Put Up With Injustice

Its all very well to be nicey nice to in laws are so critical and unappriciative.

But what to do when the In-Laws act unjustly? Become verbally/physically/emotionally abusive? Make unfair demands?

It's hard when you are actually living with in-laws and don't have the luxury of leaving them, going into your own home and closing the door behind them, feeling safe in your own sanctuary.

The most important thing to remember here is that you don't have to put up with their unjust behaviour.

  1. You have to stay away from them, even if you live in the same house.
  2. Withdraw from their company. Say "Excuse me" and leave the room quietly.
  3. Spend your time in your bedroom until the matter starts to get resolved.
  4. Go and spend the day, and if possible, the night at a relative/friends house and inform your husband that you are not willing to put up with that sort of behaviour. You deserve to be treated with respect.
  5. Whatever you do, don't put on a smile and act as if everything is fine, and that you are okay with being mistreated. You are NOT.
Here's a great WikiHow fact sheet on How to Deal With Abusive Mother in Law

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