WikiHow: How to Deal With Abusive Mother in Law

While many people quietly suffer critical mother in laws, abusive mother in laws are totally different. If you have been physically or mentally abused by your mother in law, here is how to cope.


  1. If you have been abused my your mother in law, it is not right, it is wrong. No one deserves verbal or physical abuse.
  2. Look to your spouse. Ask your husband or wife how they are going to deal with this situation as it is his or her mother. He should understand the hurt you have gone through and speak to his mother and tell her that what she has done was wrong.
  3. Ask your spouse to keep you away from her. Understand it will be hard for him as well because he would feel torn between you and his mom.
  4. If you feel your partner is not understanding, you need to think about your relationship as well. If you are not getting his full support you will feel helpless.
  5. Keep away from your mother in law till you feel you can let go and forgive her, and try to build a relationship with her again for the sake of your spouse.


  1. Try not to think it was your fault and it was right for your mother in law to abuse you.
  2. Tell your partner how you feel.
  3. Avoid your mother in law as much as you can till you are ready to build a relationship with her, that is if you think you can.
  4. Tell her if you feel comfortable what you feel about what she has done to you


  1. Never feel its your fault
  2. Do not put up with abuse from anyone and think it is ok for that person to do that.
  3. Abuse is not just physical but it could also be in mental form.
  4. Remember if someone is abusing you, they have realy big issues in their own lifes
  5. get to safety, protect your self.

Things You'll Need:

  1. power
  2. self belief
  3. time
  4. support from your partner
  5. support from your parents

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