Rule #28 - It's OK to Make Mistakes!

You can make as manay mistakes as you want to, regardless of what your MIL says - you are not a failure.

Oftentimes MILs put so much pressure on their daughter in laws to "Get it right, and get it right first time round!" that it can put undue pressure on the DIL to be on her best performance all the time Thus in the event of messing things up, DILs feel like they are a big failure.

After your MIL remarks sarcastically that you are the worst cook around, (when the chicken has gone a tad dry in the oven while you were changing bambino's nappy leak), relax, take a deep breath and reply with smile: "This is a bit of a disaster isnt it? I think we should all eat sandwiches for dinner tonight!"

Reassure yourself that this is all part of the learning process and you can still make it into the Cordon Bleu. For now enjoy your imprefect cooking!

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