Even if they dont admit it, they know how much you are doing.

It is common for elderly parents to deny thery ever needed anything. 'Oh I don't need anything.', and for them to reject the fact that the young family are having to invest in extra time, money and energy to support them.

Quite often this may seem like they don't appreciate what is being done for them, or that they are rejecting what is being done, and may produce a feeling of resentment in the young couple.

The way they are acting is often to protect themselves from the reality that they indeed have become dependant on others, and to accept this would be to accept that they are indeed in a vulnerable position. It's much easier to take the position of being part of the woodwork, not really there, and a figment of the young couple's imagination.

'Why are you making such a big fuss? I am no bother at all!' they may state emphatically.

Instead being overcome by resentfulness, self righteousness, tap into your merciful and compassionate side. Just because they don't admit all the hard work you are putting in, doesn't mean that you are not doing it. You are working really hard, and God knows it.

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