Rule #58 - How to show that you are upset...

For the majority of the time, if you have being following Sally Shield's DIL rules, you are now the sweet and charming DIL, who asks her PIL how they are feeling, how they slept, what their plans are for the day, and agreeing with their perspective (Rule 10)....

You'll be eagerly doing all those non-consequential tasks, such as dropping them off to the mall, making their appointments, taking them to the hospital for check-ups, cooking their meals, clearing your non-offensive mess...

You will be using Dr Huang's Love Potion (Rule 39), sprinkling love over their food, and lacing your words with 'Mum' and 'Dad'

However, what if they really upset you, by doing something really underhanded and really disrespect you?

This is a permanent living situation, and for your own sanity and self respect, I would not advise you to just smile and coo at them - sometimes, it's better not to overlook their actions, and let it be known that you are upset.

Following from Rule 29 - Don't put up with injustice,

  1. Withdraw from their company; sit in different rooms, spend time in your room, don't give them any opportunities to make chit chat.
  2. Act cool, and distant - give short answers.
  3. Avoid looking at them, glance at them briefly when talking to them.
  4. Only speak them if you really must. They will sense that you are upset with them, and may start to ask you lots of questions, just to break the ice - ignore trivial questions, and just answer the selected few.
  5. Don't' worry about being labeled stroppy.


  • Showing your anger/rage doesn't work,
  • Explaining your view/feelings on the matter doesn't work,
  • Let your husband sort it our for you in his own way,
  • Don't eavesdrop on their conversations.

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