Rule #39 - Use some of Dr Huang's Love Poison

Did you read the story of Li-Li? It's being discussed in Sally's Discussion Forum.

Well, she goes to a Chinese Herbalist and asks for some poison with which she can kill her MIL! And apparently it's not poison, but vitamins for her good health!

Well, I think this poison is the essence behind Sally's Ethos. Just sprinkle some love and affection on all the words you say to your MIL and she should magically change.

Try it, it probably works, but no-one wants to admit it!

I'm off to discuss the poison with Sally - I think she should come out with her own brand....


  1. Most Pakistani MIL believe their dil should be doing this for them any way so it never works, i don't think Sally can even imagine what Pakistani/indian MIL expect from their dil.

  2. Thanks for the comment!

    The reply is under the heading:
    Those Pesky Unappreciative Asian MILs