Rule #35 -Follow the Food Code

For large family get togethers, cooking food for 15 people can be very trying, especially if you already live with in-laws and have to cook large meals every day!

Here’s the Food Code!

  1. Normal day-to-day family get togethers: tea, cake and biscuits. Have plenty of supplies in the house.
  2. Special Casual Get together - have a one dish tea party – everyone brings a sweet or savoury dish each and have it with tea/fruit juice.
  3. Special Formal Family Get Together (e.g. Eid, Christmas) – have a one-dish dinner party, where the hostess requests each family to bring one main meal dish. Serve with salad, rice/bread/pasta and a dessert.
  4. A Very Special Treat – where you feel like cooking for everyone just to bring pleasure and joy into everyone’s lives – do it yourself, but try to keep it simple.

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