Rule #59 - Let them throw their own parties without you

If your in-laws want to do things without you around, the natural instinct is to feel rejected - don't I know it!

Yet instead of wondering why they are doing this, why not brainstorm how these actions of theirs could have another useful purpose? For example - your in-laws don't help out in the house at all, you have to everything. But whenever you go out for the day, they throw a huge party! Could this mean anything else other than they hate you, and they dont want to you to come to the party?

  • They could be doing it so they don't have to trouble you
  • They could be doing it because the want to be more independent
  • They want to be the boss, and call all the shots
  • They want to have control over their own social life
  • They are being responsible for their own needs
  • They want the party to be from THEM, not 'the daughter in-law'

And could their throwing a party when you are out be useful at any other time?

  • Yes, when you didn't want to throw a party
  • Yes, when you don't want to share the workload of other's coming round
  • Yes, elderly people want their own independence
  • Yes, to keep them busy socially, so they don't depend on your for company 24-7 eek!
  • Yes, when they want to be happy long term, feel like they are 'doing something that means something'
  • Yes, when you don't want to be involved with your in laws.
  • Yes, when they want to be less reliant on you
  • Yes, when they don't want to put a workload on you.
Welcome them having a party and doing all the hard work without you, BRING IT ON!! YEAHH!!!!!!

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