Rule #48 - Don't tell him that he isn't supportive.

If you tell your husband that he isn't supporting or that you don't feel supported, he will feel like he is falling short of doing his job as a husband. He probably already knows that he isn't supporting you, and it will make him feel even worse. When men know their wives are not happy with them, they withdraw. He will probably get defensive about his parents, and will be most likely to resist helping you at all.

Even if it is true, and he isn't supporting you, try to resist telling him this, as you are looking for a way to move forwards, not backwards.

Try to accept what he is doing, and accept what your in laws are doing, and ask yourself what you can do to keep you sane through all the chaos. Perhaps you can go out a visit friend for the day, time some time out to go to the park, spend the day in your room reading your favorite magazines pr books, spend time on the phone with a friend. The trick is to keep yourself happy even though the people around you are doing things that drive you mad.

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