Two Families With Different Needs & Wants

Try to remember that due to whatever reason, you are living in a situation which is not (even Islamically) ideal.

A Muslim woman has the right to her own living quarters – which means her own bedroom, kitchen and bathroom.

If you are not doing things in the proper way – you will inevitably have problems.

So, you have problems! What now?

Now is the time to consciously put your boundaries into place.

There are two families living in one house, and both families will have their own individual needs. Try to reach a solution where both families can live happily.

If one person wants to have a dinner party every weekend, and the other family is not okay with this, then a compromise has to be reached.

It is NOT okay to have a dinner party every week... unless both families are okay with this! Chances are that the people coming to the dinner party every week are doing out of obligation, anyway - because it is a family tradition that they have to comply with...

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