MIL: "Your kitchen is SO DIRTY!"

If you find a creepy crawly in your flour bin and your MIL starts talking about how important it is to keep your kitchen clean, and not so dirty (as she looks around disapprovingly...)

Instead of getting defensive and saying "My kitchen is clean! Don't you notice anything positive?" just agree with how important it is to keep a clean kitchen, and all the benefits of good hygiene.

If she then starts cleaning up the whole place from top to bottom, hoovering under the fridge and in all the nooks and crannies, (whilst giving you disapproving looks) relish in the fact that your kitchen is getting a good servicing for free, and thank her for being so helpful.

Sure, she is trying to make a point: you don't know how to run a kitchen properly and you're a bad housewife, but why focus on her negative opinion of you?

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