Family Problems & Impact On My Children

When I am going through family problems, I will ensure that my children are not affected badly.
I will ensure that:
I will take a step back from the problem,
Do the best I can to re-center and re-align,
Speak to them in a loving and supportive way,
If necessary, I will show them my weak and vulnerable side, and explain that I am having a problem/not feeling well,
Be gentle on myself and gentle with them aswell.
I will take the time out to rest with them,
I will stop and listen to what they actually trying to tell me,
I will smile at them more, and remind myself what it is like to laugh.
I draw the line when my children are being affected by my in-law problems.
They deserve to live in a loving and supporting home, and if my lifestyle does not allow that for them, I will have to step away from my in laws and re-focus on my children again.

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