Sally Shields Top Tips:

Taken from her Videos on YouTube,

  1. Make sure her feelings are validated
  2. Make Wednesday Mother-in-law day, and phone her up
  3. Let her know that you care about her and want to be friends with her. Bond with her on a girlfriend level - Establish a relationship with her that is separate from the relationship you have you and your husband,
  4. Whenever your husband does a great job around the house, tell her that she did a really great job raising such a wonderful guy!
  5. Ask her how she is feeling and listen to her talking about her aches and pains
  6. Always remember the three important days: Birthday, Anniversary and Mothers Day and try to get dh to write the card from both of you
  7. Ask her for her advice on inconsequential issues and follow them through before you offers her unsolicited advice
  8. Find out the things that bother her, take a mental note and tailor them so you can be prepared the next time - so you don't always have the same old reactions to things. You can change yourself by changing your reaction.
  9. Tell her her food is delicious.
  10. When talking about controversial topics, change the subject
  11. Dont take her babysitting services for granted.

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