Rule #3 Create a Personal Space for Each Party - and Keep it Tidy

Always try to keep the following spaces tidy:
  • A living room either party can relax in
  • The table where you sit and eat meals
  • if clothes are being aired on the radiators, clear your dried clothes so that the other party can air their clothes after you.
A lot of day-to-day in-law problems occur due to the lack of "personal space". Always try ensure that both parties (you & your dear husband, and your in-laws) have a space, preferably downstairs, where they can enjoy their life - be it watch TV, listen to music, read or simply relax.

If you are fortunate enough to have a house with two living rooms, try to ensure that one room is left tidy enough for the parents to go and retire in when they feel the need for some "alone time". If your dear children - or you yourself, make a mess in that room, always ensure you tidy that space up before you leave - consideration for each other's personal space.

If either party does not feel they have a defined space where they can "be themselves" downstairs, they will often retreat to their bedroom feeling as though they need to ostracize themselves to get some personal space - not a nice feeling!

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