Rule #31 - You can have a rest even if all your work isn't completed!

House work is an ongoing task - it never ends. You can vacuum & polish your house until it smells as fresh as a daisy, but give it two days and it will have collected all the dust and litter to make it look like you never vacuum! Even still, you have to make sure you respect your physicial limitations by taking time out to relax.

Well, I am here to give you permission to take regular rest-breaks even when you still have housework left to do. No more guilt - okay? If you're tired, or your back starts hurting due to being at the grindstone, you're going to sit down and relax until you feel rejuvenated to continue.

Now - here's the thing - MIL will walk in, see the cooking utensils scattered around the kitchen, notice a laundry basket full of clothes that need to be put away, and frown at you, as you are still in your pyjamas, curled up, reading your favourite mag.

Here's what to do: Look up at her and give her a smile, ask her what she's doing, how she's feeling... and get back to that mag again. If she asks you "Why have you stopped scrubbing, Cinderella?" reply with (brace yourself oh ye downtrodden DILs) "I thought I'd sit down, relax and recharge!" And if her jaw drops open at your audacity and insolence, pick an article that you think will interest her and start to tell her all about it! Most probably she will not agree with what you are reading and leave the room. If she starts cleaning up herself, let her do what makes her happy - you are, aren't you?


  1. Can't wait i try this one, requires so much patience though. By the way thanks so much for starting this website, such an important area to be addressed

  2. Thanks Roshani!

    Let me know how it goes - I'm here for you hon! :)