Rule # 27 - Try to Make Your MIL Proud In Front of Her Friends

There's nothing more that your MIL wants than to show to her friends what a lovely lady her daughter-in-law is, and what a lucky, lucky woman she is.

Of course, she never lets you know that's how she feels, and she criticises everything that you do - but inside she really knows it, and wants to tell all her friends how favoured she is by God (and it must have been a reward for bringing her son up so well).

When your MIL has her friend's over, try to spend at least 10 minutes with her friends asking all about them and making them feel welcome. After that, go and do your own thing.

Within limits, try to make an effort to attend social gatherings that she has organised (if she invites you, that is!). If she wants you to participate her once every six months/year - then why not? It's not that big a deal and you can applaud yourself for part-taking in a necessary family-bonding event.

Try extra hard to be nice to her friends and remind yourself to keep breathing and that it will be all over soon.

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