Assignment 2 - Are You Being Yourself Around Your In-Laws?

I know a lot of DILs who feel too awkward/scared to be themselves around their in-laws.

Sure its fine for other DILs to be on their "best behaviour" when they go over to visit their in-laws. But what about those of us who live with them? A lot of women I know are too nervous to put their feet up on the sofa or even lie down on the couch in front of their in-laws!

We all know this is ridiculous - so why do we do it?

  • We feel like we will be perceived as lazy,
  • Our in-laws will think we have too much time on our hands and ask us to do something else (so we better keep busy, lol),
  • Our in-laws will question us about why we are sitting down when there is still x,y,z to do.

Well! Our next assignment is to be ourselves and do what we want to do for the next week - can you handle it?

I want you to find all the ways you are not true to yourself, and make a note of them. Start to notice and record all the ways you "change" when you are around your in-laws, for example:

  • Do you find yourself engrossed on the net and the moment your in-laws walk in you quickly get up and get on with the housework?
  • You're sat watching TV and your MIL walks through the front door so you get up and get back to the cooking.
  • You're doing the cooking and decide to use your multitasking skills to check your mail, suddenly your MIL comes into the kitchen so you run back to check your cooking.

Work on each destructive habit until you can ultimately be yourself around them and not do anything differently.

This next week, you are going to do the following things when you want! (Of course you must be responsible about this privilege I am giving you - I don't want a bunch of ladies banging on my door!) What I mean by responsible is to do your housekeeping and cheffing duties and tend to your hubby and kids aswell, and after that, (lol - will there be any time left? Of course, in your MIL's eyes!)... after that, you are going to do the following (without hiding) at you own leisure:

  1. Rest, Sit Down, Lie Down, Curl up and read a book,
  2. Chat to your friends/family on the phone,
  3. Visit friends ,
  4. Watch TV and use the PC.

Have you read Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway? Lol, now's the time!

OK - So what do we do when dear MIL asks why your sat on your bum? You smile and say sweetly "Oh I just thought I'd take a rest!". If she starts reminding you of how x,y,z isn't done yet, agree with her! Here's a typical dialogue:

MIL: You know, you really should get the cooking started before you sit down"

DIL: Yes... your right mum, I should. I'm just taking a rest."

MIL "OK. Hmm.. Well you could always do that after the cooking you know!"

DIL: "Yes..... Its good to do the cooking first. I'm just taking a rest"

MIL: "I always used to work first then play"

DIL: "That's so good mum, you did the right thing!

MIL: "Well, you should do the same thing, it works you know! Girls these days just don't know how to run a house efficiently"

DIL: "Yes..... your right." (look up, smile, and then and stay sat on you bottom, girl, I know you can do it!)

Let me know how it goes!


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