Rule #7 - The Laundry Basket

Always, always, always have your own laundry basket. It may be fun sharing all the chores for a while, but be sure to keep your knickers to yourself!

This may seem insignificant to you, and you may think 'what's in a laundry basket?' The amount of DILs who have made this mistake is shocking. They unashamedly allow for their own lingerie to be washed with their father-in-law's y-fronts, and then cringe when MIL hangs out the washing on the line - MILs cotton nighty with FILs vest next to your shocking pink bra.

A lot of women dont like to cause a fuss over a laundry basket - especially when your MIL will later announce 'I see all my family as one and dont see the reason for there to be any separation in the laundry' but take heart. Not only with this give you privacy with your most inmate apparel, but it will also give you a lightened workload. You will automatically decrease two adult's washing, drying and folding and it will also give your MIL the initiative to do some of her private chores herself.

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