Rule #26 - Warn them Before Times of Stress

Accept that they dont have the same priorities as you.

Parents should be informed and warned of sudden changes in lifestyle, such as a temporary periods of illness, stressful exam times for the children, professional exams/training for either spouse.

Parents may have lived a life where they would carry on working even if they were ill, or some didnt give as much priority to their children's education/personal careers as you do - and they wont understand why you dont feel the same way.

Instead of resenting them or comparing your priorities to theirs, get your dh to speak to them ever so kindly and let them know you are about to enter a period where times will be hard, the house is going to be a mess, maybe food wont be cooked on time, etc.

Try to go one step further by trying to enrol them into helping out a bit more. "I just want to let you know that it will be a bit hard for and the house will be a bit messy; it would mean so much to us if you could bear with us during this stressful period and it would be so amazing if you could help us out."


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